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Attendance Policy / Tardy & Truancy Policy


At Sylmar High School, we believe that regular attendance and punctuality are the most important factors in achieving school success. Students cannot learn and succeed if they are not in the classroom. Each student is expected to maintain a 96% attendance rate, which means that a student cannot exceed seven absences over the course of the school year.  In addition, students are expected to arrive at school by 7:50 am and to be in all classes on time, ready to work, with the necessary materials. Parents and students are expected to make allowances for traffic conditions in order to arrive at school on time for period 1 at 8:00 am. 

Young people require guidance and direction. Parents or guardians are expected to send their children to school daily as required by law (Education Code 48200) and to make every effort to schedule student medical and personal appointments so that they do not interfere with the school day. Every effort should be made to plan family vacations so that they do not conflict with school days.  For those few times that it is unavoidable for a student to be absent from school, a student may be excused with a parent or guardian’s written verification of illness, court appearance, religious observance, or attendance at a funeral of an immediate family member. Absences that, after parental notification, remain uncleared for ten days become converted to truancies.

Parents and guardians will be kept informed about absences and tardies by daily automated telephone calls, personal school staff contact, letters, and quarterly progress reports. Parents are required to notify the Welcome Center within thirty days of all address changes and to provide current telephone numbers, contact information and emergency card information.

We also have a Senior Attendance Policy.  According to this policy, seniors who exceed ten (10) absences in two or more classes will have the following consequences:

1. Fall semester of 2015 – CONSEQUENCES: Students will not be allowed to participate in any designated senior activities during the 2016 Spring Semester, including Senior Prom, the Senior Picnic, the Senior Breakfast, and the Fashion Show.

2. Spring semester of 2016 – CONSEQUENCES: Students will not be eligible to participate in the 2016 graduation ceremony. If all other graduation requirements have been met, the student may pick up his/her diploma in the Records Office after graduation.
A parent and student who feel there were special circumstances resulting in more than ten absences may appeal to the Attendance Review Committee. The decision of the Attendance Review Committee is final.

For more information, please contact Mr. Rodriguez, Assistant Principal, at 818.833.3747.