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Seniors - Graduation

2015 Graduation
Participating in the Graduation Ceremony is a privilege not a right.

You may not participate in the ceremony if you have:
• not completed the 230 credits
• not completed all the LAUSD required courses
• not passed the English and Math portions of the CAHSEE
• not completed Service Learning or Computer Literacy requirements
• violated the senior attendance policy
• outstanding library, textbook or student store debts
• been involved in a senior prank
• not attended both rehearsals

Be at graduation by 5:00pm, there will be a line, you will be searched.
• Bring nothing to graduation but yourself, sunglasses if needed.

Wear your honors you received at school, like Silver Cords, Gold Cords, Principal Honor Roll Medals, SLC Sashes, and Valedictorian Medals. Flower lei’s are allowed.

You will not be allowed to bring in cell phones, cameras, or any electronic devices. You will not be allowed in if you decorated your cap or gown. We do not have extra cap or gowns.

You will then line up by counselor, in alpha order ready to march in by 6pm.

At your seat you will have a graduation program.

During graduation you will have your named called and be handed a blank diploma cover. If graduation goes as expected you will then pick up your diploma from your counselor in the room listed in the diploma cover. If you do not pick up your diploma within 30 minutes of the end of the ceremony you can come to the records office between June 1st and 11th to receive your diploma.
• You must show a valid picture ID in order to pick up your diploma.


in Spartan Hall:
• Mandatory rehearsal for seating & ceremony instructions
• If you do not attend this rehearsal you may not be able to attend the ceremony
• Caps and Gowns will be handed out after the rehearsal. Bring your receipt and your ID

 at 8am on Spartan Field:
• Mandatory rehearsal of the ceremony
• If you do not attend this rehearsal you may not be able to attend the ceremony
• Tickets will be handed out after rehearsal. 5 tickets per student. Children 4 and under if seated on a lap will not need a ticket.

Graduation Guidelines for Parents and Guest.

Dear Parents and Guests:

The Graduates of the Class of 2015 welcome you to our Commencement Exercises. May we request that you allow each one of us our moment of recognition in as dignified a manner as possible.

We request that you not bring items into the graduation site which may detract from the dignity of the ceremony or create any action which interferes with the ceremony. Individuals who cannot comply with this request will be asked to leave the premises.

We earnestly request that you refrain from individual demonstrations of enthusiasm for your particular graduate and that you join us all at the conclusion of the presentation of diplomas with a strong show of pride and congratulations.

Thank you for demonstrating your support and allowing us the dignity and honor this ceremony richly deserves.

The Graduating Class of 2015

• No noise makers are allowed inside the stadium
• No umbrella’s are allowed in the stands
• No balloons are allowed in the stands
• No walking around on the track to get to the other side
• No coming onto the track until after the ceremony

This event is being videotaped for families as a memory keepsake.
By entering the event, you are giving your permission to be recorded and to have your likeness used in the final product.