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Dress Code Policy

DRESS CODE Updated 11/3/11

With the basic philosophy that school is a place of business, and that student attire should reflect such, the following Dress Code has been developed with input from students, parents, and staff.

All clothing must be neat, clean, and in good repair. ANY clothing or accessory that is disruptive to the instructional program is considered inappropriate.

The following gang related items are prohibited:
• Ribbed undershirts
• Unhemmed pants cut below the knee
• Gang names or initials
• Clothing or accessories that indicate affiliation with a rival group or organization; to include   professional athletic teams

The following inappropriate clothing is prohibited:
• Hats or headgear of any kind, including hairnets and do/rags. Exception: Only approved Sylmar headgear is allowed during non-instructional time only.
• Midriff tops - No skin should show between tops and skirts, pants or shorts
• Backless or strapless tops or straps that are less than 1 inch wide
• Clothing that exposes undergarments, or excessive skin
• Sheer or see-through blouses
• Low cut blouses exposing cleavage
• Bathing suits, tube tops, sports bras, halter tops
• Short shorts ("Daisy Dukes") or unhemmed "cut-off" jean shorts
• Pants or skirts that expose belly button
• Skirts that are too short
• Clothing or accessories depicting drugs, alcohol, or use of offensive/obscene pictures or language
• Skirts or shorts slit to expose the natural panty line
• Pins, tacks, staples in hem of pants
• Oversized, baggy pants
• Spiked accessories/jewelry
• Chains which exceed one foot in length, or one quarter inch in diameter

Violation to this policy will be determined by the deans.
Clothing deemed inappropriate by the staff is in violation of the dress code.

Students not adhering to this Dress Code are referred to the Dean of Students