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Policies, Procedures, Proposals and Inventories

Copy Machines
Copy Machine Inventory and Annual Cost analysis            4-19-11 Started
Copy Machine Policy and Procedures                              4-22-11
Copy Machine Policy Student Use Library                        Future
Copy Machine Proposal                                                  Future
Copy Room                                                                   Future

Micro-Computer includes: Desktops, Laptops, Printers, Document Cameras, Projectors.

Micro-Computer Inventory                                               4-19-11 minus Laptops
Micro-Computer Policy and Procedures                           4-22-11
Micro-Computer Policy Student Use Library                     Future
Micro-Computer Classroom Proposal                              4-22-11
Micro-Computer Lab Proposal                                        4-22-11
Micro-Computer Office Standardization Proposal              4-22-11

Misc Equipment includes: TVs, DVDs, Speakers, Microphones, Mixers, Amps, Boom Boxes

Misc Equipment Inventory                                              Future
Misc Equipment Policy and Procedures                          Future
Equipment set up for school functions / events:                Future