Local School Leadership Council » Local School Leadership Council Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, January 29,2019, 3:00PM

Local School Leadership Council Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, January 29,2019, 3:00PM

In Attendance: Ana Campos, Bertha Caraveo, Erica Grall, Arleni Lopez, Derek Martin, Michelle Peraza, Albert Rodriguez, Maria Vinzon, Rodney Wright, Diana Delgado, Scott Craig, Mathew Trujillo, Nicole Leal, Sheila Leal, Sara Fife, and Lourdes Herrera
EQUIPMENT: Survey technological needs, copiers, laptop carts
Ms. Lopez would like a survey for copier
Mr. Wright says copier would have to be in an accessible space
Mr. Wright will do a survey monkey for copiers
PD: Professional Development Calendar and Banked Time Waiver Proposal
  • Refer to PD Plan/Calendar
      Feb 19, 2019, Mr. Wright originally planned with Ms. Cardenas to do some training around the single plan for student achievement 
      whole staff but it was covered in ILT yesterday and then the department chairs will take that information back next, Tuesday, and do 
      the work of writing the goals and putting in the action plan, the draft to Ms. Cardenas to submit into the single plan. Therefore we 
      have a slot for, February 19, 2019, to choose our PD time.
      A. Suggestion from Mr. Wright is to have a PD for the faculty meeting on, February 19, 2019, school wide training on SAT.
  • March 5, 2019, Child Awareness Training
  • March 19, 2019, Trauma Informed Schools
School-Site Professional Development Priorities and Banked Time Tuesdays
  • Refer to Memorandum
  • Banked Time. Every Tuesday would be a short day. More meeting opportunities
  • If we want to do it we would need to file for a waiver request
School Waivers for Alternative Configurations
  • Refer to memo
  • A waiver request would have to be submitted to apply for Banked Tuesdays.
DISCIPLINE: Report from discipline committee survey results
  • Refer to Discipline Issues memo
  • Mr. Wright is opposed to a discipline or referral room. He believes we need a formalized disciplined plan.
  • Ms. Lopez would like to know what would be in place of a referral room if it is not a viable option-
     One question is where would we get the money to pay for a referral room?
     Ms Lopez said that when we sent students out, a major complaint from teachers is that the students are sent back within the 
     period they were sent out.
  • Lulu wants to know what the paraprofessionals role is for implement discipline in the classroom
Proposed schedule passed out for SAT for 11th graders only by college counselor
Mr. Martin motions, Debbie seconds it. Majority votes in favor, therefore it was approved.