Local School Leadership Council » Local School Leadership Council Meeting, Tuesday, February 26, 2019, 3:00P.M.

Local School Leadership Council Meeting, Tuesday, February 26, 2019, 3:00P.M.

Attendance: Ana Campos, Gabrielle Contreras, Erica Grall, Arleni Lopez, Derek Martin, Albert Rodriguez, Victor Rodriguez, Deborah Steinert, Maria Vinzon, Karen Williams, Rodney Wright, and Zuleima Hernandez
Old Business:
We review the minutes from, January 29, 2019. One correction to be made is under the comments section where it is stated, "Mr. Martin motions. Debbie seconds it." This refers to the proposed schedule for the SAT, 11th-grade testing. More information is needed which is that the vote was approved for the proposed SAT testing schedule.  
Discuss time and Date of LSLC Meetings:
Ms. Lopez says that some students cannot stay that long for the duration of the two meetings on the same day if the time goes over because the LSLC meeting may go over thirty minutes.
Mr. Martin says everyone was told that SSC was a 3-5P.M. meeting.
Ms. Lopez doesn't want the meeting to be squeezed in because they are back to back. 
Ms. Vinzon says that is easier for her as a parent to have only one day for meetings rather than separate them.
Mr. Wright says there is no call for a vote, therefore it is agreed to keep everything the same which is to keep LSLC and SSC on the same day.
Equipment Survey Share Out:
Refer to handouts:
Mr. Wright claims that he was referring to remote copy machines for teachers to use from the last meeting, not the copy system station that was set up. He developed and sent out a survey. We received 27 responses that went out to the entire faculty. Ninety percent said that their needs were being met in terms of a copy machine system that is working for them. 
Ms. Lopez suggests that we need a place to log in when the copy machine is down. Mr. Wright agrees this is a great idea.
Banked Time Waiver:
Ms. Lopez says it would be helpful if teachers could have everything planned out in terms of what the criteria are for meetings. 
The P.D. plan isn't due until the fall semester according to Mr. Wright.
We did away with banked Tuesday because we were not having productive PD's, says Ms. Lopez.
Mr. Wright says that we would ask the staff what we would need.
Ms. Lopez asks if we do banked Tuesdays, could he guarantee that we have less faculty meetings. 
Mr. Wright agrees that we could do that; have less faculty meetings.
Staff Selection Waiver:
Ms. Lopez says the waivers are due around, April and do we need LSLC approval?
Mr. Wright says we don't need LSLC approval for a Staff Selection Waiver. We don't need to do that in terms of our own hiring practices but if we want to have a say in administrative hires then we would have to.
Mr. Wright believes it would make sense to have a hiring panel in order to hire new teachers.
Discipline Committee Share Out:
Refer to 5 page packet
Ms. Lopez says we had 38 responses and 51 surveys and did print out the comments.
The subcommittee put forth a proposal. Refer to handout.
Mr. Martin asks where did this come from?
Ms. Cardenas says it came from the LAUSD website.
Is it not the restorative justice framework asks Ms. Cardenas?
Mr. Wright says it is not. This job description, Intervention/Prevention Support Coordinator is not a match for what the proposal claims. This does not have anything to do with LSLC according to the proposal presented.
Public Comments:
Mr. Victor Rodriguez would like us to vote on the new SBAC proposed schedule. Refer to handout.
Mr. Wright calls for a vote. All those in favor of the SBAC proposed schedule raise your hand says Mr. Wright.
Everyone raises their right hand. The vote is unanimous.
Gabby and Jazmine, both ASB students propose to have an extended lunch for Marchella March 15, 2019.
Is there and educational or multicultural benefit to the proposal asks Mr. Wright?
It is designed to get the kids motivated to the dance leading into it says Gabby and Jazmine.
Mr. Victor Rodriguez says that we have the additional minutes to spare for an extended lunch.
Mr. Wright calls for a vote to extend lunch for 12 minutes on, March 15, 2019. He asks everyone to raise their right hand if they approve. Everyone raises their right in favor of the lunch extension. The vote becomes unanimous.