Local School Leadership Council » Local School Leadership Council Meeting, March 26, 2019, 3:00PM

Local School Leadership Council Meeting, March 26, 2019, 3:00PM

Attendance: Maria Vinzon, Ana Campos, Zulema Hernandez, Michelle Peraza, Debbie3 Steinert, Arleni Lopez, Albert Rodriguez, Gabrielle Contreras, Derek Martin, Rodney Wright, Scott Craig, Karen Williams, Sarah Fife, Kevin Frost, and MaryCruz Cardenas
Old Business: We review the minutes from, February 26, 2019. Under the heading, Bank Time Waiver, a correction to be made is that the P.D. plan isn't due until the fall semester according to Mr. Wright. Under the heading, Staff Selection Waiver, clarification is needed for LSLC approval. Mr. Wright says we don't need an LSCL approval for a Staff Selection Waiver. We don't need to do that in terms of our own hiring practices but If we want to have a say in administrative hires then we would have to. Under the heading, Discipline Committee Share Out, where it says, "This job description is not a match for what the proposal claims, says Mr. Wright," refers to an Intervention/Prevention Suppport Coordinator.
Mr. Martin makes a motion to approve the minutes and Scott Craig seconds it. The minutes are approved unanimously as amended. 
Alternative Configuration Waivers-Proposals for SCHS, Procedure Overview, Approval Process:
Mr Wright says every waiver has to be filed separately. A detailed rationale is needed for each waiver Mr. Wright would ike to have a school team  that he would e on to help write a waiver.
  • Banked Time Waiver
      Allows us to have an early dismissal every Tuesday so the staff can collborate
      We don't have to select Tuesday
      We could use some of that time for committee meeting times
      We would also have fewer faculty meetings
  • Staff Selection Waiver 
      There would be a representative hiring panel which would always include an administrator and chapter chair with certificated
      staff. If  it's a a teaching position it usually includes a department chair.
      The represented panel would sit on all of the interviews.
      It guarantees that the panel would have input such as hiring a principal but the final decision is up to the district;.
  • Joint Council (LSLC, SSC) Membership Waiver
      Some schools agree to have the same people sit on both councils if they are combined
      An advantage would be if you had parent participation parents wouldn't have to come in at different times.
      One of the objectives by some UTLA staff is that it limits the number of different teachers voice on decision making council.
Discipline Committee Update:
Mr. Wright says that the Positive Behavior Support Committee handles everything within this one committee. We are developing a comprehensive document that becomes a resource manual for staff. We are looking into a progressive discipline plan: It outlines the  roles for any discipline responder when a certain behavior happens. For example, if a behavior happens in the classroom with a teacher then he/she can refer to a list of interventions in the manual. It can be as minor as a verbal warning to the most severe which would be a class suspension. It can also generate an out of classroom referral to the counselor, dean, or administrator. The dress code will also be addressed in the document. 
Ms. Lopez discusses Teacher Discipline Committee. Refer to handout: It covers Discipline Concerns, Security, and Future Discussion
  • What are the concerns about security?
  • Ms. Williams clarifies that some Biotech students are/will be outside at lunch and on campus during class time due to their different schedule.
  • Ms. Williams says that Mr. Wright approved a Saturday detention.
Public Comment(s):
Ms. Lopez says the copy machines are breaking down too often.
Mr. Wright says that the machines are not breaking down. It's just that people are not using them properly.
Ms. Lopez says that we were going to have a log.
Mr. Wright says that Ruby will keep the log.
Adjournment: 3:57PM