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Nextel - Romeo and Juliet & VW commercials

If you were absent and unable to see the commercial in class, please follow the link below and watch:


Make sure you give the video time to load completely, you might have to let it play a few times before it finishes loading.  Or, download the file to your computer and it will playback faster.

Writing Topic – Nextel’s Romeo & Juliet


Directions: You do not have to copy this writing prompt.  Each question must be answered in 1 – 2 sentences.  Number your answers and use complete sentences.

In this commercial, you see a thirty second version of Romeo and Juliet including all of the tragic accidents and events that befell the characters in the actual play.  1. What type of audience is this commercial aimed at (consider what grade level or how old would people probably be when they first read Romeo and Juliet)?  2. What is the intent of this commercial? 3. How does this commercial interest you?  4. How is the product presented to the viewer?  5. What features of this commercial get your attention and make it memorable? 6.  Would you buy this product because of the commercial, explain why or why not?

Funeral.wmv is the old TV commercial of the VW advertisement featured in our The Language of Literature textbook on p. 916-917. 

If you were absent, watch the ad if you can, it requires Windows Media Player, and answer the Evaluating Advertising sections 1, 2, 3, 4 and Identifying the Main Ideas.  If you cannot watch the commercial, just use the storyboard on p. 916-917 to help you answer the questions.