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Biology and Physiology


Welcome to my web page. The intent of this page is to allow communication between students,parents, and myself.

The courses that I teach are biology and physiology:

a. laboratory science course required for high school graduation
b. typically taken in the 9th or 10th grade
c. biology is the study of life

a. an intensive laboratory science course designed for Seniors or Juniors who
are primarily interested in health or sports related fields.
b. prerequisites
- student earned a grade of C or better in all previous science
c. physiology course includes the study of the function and anatomy (structures) of
the human body.

Students will get a laboratory grade for every dissection day. Unfortunately, if a students is absent, he or she can not make up the "missed points". Therefore, attendance is EXTREMELY important
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Grade Breakdown - Physiology

Exams and quizzes make up 50% of grade

Lab 25%

homework 15%

Class work 10%