About Project GRAD

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Accelerating Equity
We believe the transformative power of a college education ignites the full potential of first generation students, their families, and their communities. Since 1999, Project GRAD Los Angeles has been working to raise the college graduation rate in a high-need region of the county by helping students and families navigate the path to and through college.
Critically, our model is grounded in caring, long-term student/advisor relationships. Project GRAD Advisors work proactively one-on-one with hundreds of high school and college students to help instill the social-emotional competencies, college knowledge, and academic tools needed to ensure college success.
Nearly 500 Project GRAD Scholars are currently attending colleges and universities throughout California and across the country. With Project GRAD's support, these Scholars are graduating at a rate three times higher than their peers.
We believe ensuring that more first-generation students get the tools they need to graduate from college is something that everyone has a stake in.