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SAS program overview College
In 9th grade SAS students take:
• Honors English 9
• Honors Biology
• Honors Geometry or Alg1
• AP Human Geography
• French or Spanish

Sylmar Charter offers AP courses in World History, US History, Government, Economics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Spanish Language, Spanish Literature, Calculus, English Language, English
Literature, Computer Programming and Psychology.

College Coursework

The SAS program provides the opportunity for our students to take college coursework through LA Mission College. Motivated students will be able to earn an Interdepartmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) certification and complete their first year of college courses for the UC’s and CSU’s through the Sylmar Charter SAS curriculum.

The SAS application must be completed by April 30, 2019. Follow the link above (SAS program overview) to complete the online application.

For more information feel free to contact Ms. Jo Duke, SAS and ACCR counselor at 818/833 – 5113.