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Biology Goals and Expectations

Goals and Expectations
• Develop knowledge and understanding of the study of life science concepts and the principles that Biology shares with other disciplines.
• Develop an understanding of scientific inquiry and abilities needed to conduct scientific inquiry.
• Understand the nature, and origin of life; technologies used to locate, and identify elements common to living things.
• Understand atoms, ions, molecules and cells; the properties of water, and chemical reactions.
• Understand the process and structure of meiosis, heredity, and DNA; the principles of Evolution, theory of natural selection, origin of life, and single celled organisms.
• Understand food chains and food webs in an ecosystem. How matter cycles in and out of an ecosystem. How organisms interact.
• Understand the biosphere and its interaction with the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and geosphere.
• Understand human population growth and natural resources including water quality, threats to biodiversity and conservation.
• Understand the three domains in the tree of life as Bacteria, Archaea, and Eukarya.
• Understand the human body and all of its systems and properties. Also understanding the many insects, reptiles, fishes’, mammals, and amphibian’s characteristics.