Monthly Update on Sylmar Charter High School's Attendance Rate!

  • Cumulative Attendance Rate by Grade Level:  Note that there exist only slight variations within the different grade levels that compose our student population.  This marginal deviation between the different grade levels (σ = 0.7176) reflects our school-wide attendance drive.  Our overall attendance rate is 96.3%.  That's the Spartan way!
  • Proficiency Rate:  This is the most important data set, in that it analyzes our attendance data through the lens of our Performance Meter.  In terms of attendance, in order for a student to be considered proficient, he/she can be absent no more than seven (7) days out of the school year.  This translates to a 96% attendance rate.  Looking at it another way, in order for a student to reach attendance proficiency, he/she can only be absent for one day out of every twenty five instructional days.  The District goal is for 76% of all students to be in attendance 96% of the time.  Our proficiency rate for the year was 74.2%, so we came within 1.8 percentage points of the goal.  We will try again next year!
  • Staff Attendance Rate:  An analysis of our staff attendance indicates that we are exceeding the District goal!  The District's target is to have 76% of our staff present 96% of the time.  As you can see from the attached analytics, we are finished at 74%, so we came within two percentage points of the target.  We can get there next year!