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Sylmar High in the News: Ms. Fitzgerald's Culinary Arts Program Gets Recognized by Ms. Ratliff!
Our exceptional Culinary Arts Program, under the expert guidance of our very own Mr. Dan Fitzgerald, was recognized by our Ms. Ratliff in her monthly newsletter! Our Culinary Arts Program is a component of our School of Business, Technology and Design. Please click on the link for the exciting details!
Saluting Our Fall 2014 Spartan Scholars: The Principal's Honor Roll Ceremony!
It is with great pride that we announce the recipients of the highly prestigious Fall 2014 Principal's Honor Roll! These 314 scholars earned grade point averages of 3.600 or higher, with no marks of “D,” “F,” or “U” on their final report cards. Mr. Lee addressed these scholars and their families during the Principal's Honor Roll Assembly, which took place at 6:00 PM on Thursday, February 19, 2015, in Spartan Hall. During the Principal's Honor Roll Assembly, each student was awarded with an honor roll medallion, a certificate signed by Mr. Lee, and a certificate for a meal at Marie Callendar’s Restaurant. The list of honored recipients is currently posted along our Hall of Scholars in the Main Building. Congratulations, Spartan Scholars! We salute you!
Sylmar High Shines Again: Our Fall 2014 Gold, Silver, and Bronze Scholars!
Join us in celebrating these great scholars! Click the link for all of the exciting details!
Meet This Week's Spartan Scholar of the Week!
For the Week of 02.23.2015: This week’s Spartan Scholar of the Week is Alex Vega, a 12th grader in our School of Leadership and Public Service. Alex has played football since he was six years old, and he is now a wrestler on our Spartan squad. Last year, his teachers and counselors sparked an interest in him, so he joined College Summit. He is now looking forward to attending a university in the fall. We salute him for his hard work and dedication! Congratulations, Alex! For this honor, our scholar's name will be placed on the marquee all week. In addition, our scholar will receive a special edition Sylmar High tumbler and the highly coveted Sylmar High football! Finally, as if that's not enough, our scholar will receive a certificate for a free cheeseburger, fries, and a slice of pie from Marie Callender’s Bakery!
Meet Our Perfect Attendance Scholar for January 2015!
In a concerted effort to celebrate our students' attendance accomplishments, we have a brand new Attendance Incentive Program: the Monthly Perfect Attendance Award! Each month, we will be selecting one student who has achieved a perfect attendance record throughout the previous month. The winner for January 2015 is Hugo Gomez Vanegas, a 9th grader in our School of Business, Technology, and Design. For this honor, Hugo will receive several great prizes, as shown on the attached photo: a $50 gift card for Vallarta Supermarkets, a roller skating admission ticket, a special edition Sylmar tumbler, and a unique Perfect Attendance Medallion! The medallion can be worn during the graduation ceremony in June! Congratulations, Hugo!
Presenting Our Staff with Perfect Attendance for January 2015!
It is with a sense of great pride that we honor the 101 (yes, 101!) Sylmar Family members who have had perfect attendance for the month of January! Each and every member of this distinguished group has earned a Bunch of Lunch Club Card from Shakey’s Pizza Parlor, which entitles the honoree to a special discount! Please click on the file below to see all of the names of our honorees!
Sylmar High School's Attendance Is on the Rise!
Our 2014-2015 attendance rates are on the rise! The attached file summarizes our 2014-2015 attendance data thus far. Included in these data are several exciting analytics, so please take a moment and review our data!
Sylmar High School Will Undergo the Accreditation Process in March 2015!
District high schools undergo an accreditation process under the auspices of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). It is a six-year accreditation cycle, guided and assisted by a self-study, visit, and follow-up. The WASC accreditation process validates the integrity of a school’s program and student transcripts and ensures for the benefit of colleges, universities, and the community at large that graduating students have mastered a particular body of knowledge.
We Have a Club on Campus Just for You!
At Sylmar High School, we offer an extensive array of clubs to keep you energized, enlightened, and engaged! Click on the file below for a list of all of our clubs, and get involved!
The District Has Identified an Issue that Has Impacted the Transcripts of Our Students
This issue was caused by the implementation of a new student information system. As a result, all of our seniors will be receiving the attached letters via mail. These letters identify the plan to address issues with student transcripts as it relates to submitting GPA and class ranks for college admission. Attached, you will also find a letter that is being sent to California public university systems and other public and private organizations of higher education.
Attend Today... Achieve Tomorrow!
At Sylmar High School, attendance matters! We are learners today, so that we can be leaders tomorrow! We expect all students to be present at school at least 96% of the time, which translates to no more than seven absences for the entire school year! We understand that there may be times when students will need to be absent from school. Please read our attendance policy below for more information on our attendance systems.
Presenting Our Brand New Graduation Packets for the Class of 2015!
Seniors, our contact at Herff Jones is Mark Satterfield. His phone number is 818.224.4925, his fax number is 818.888.4699, and his e-mail address is The address to Herff Jones is 6433 Topanga Canyon Boulevard, Box #163, Woodland Hills, CA 91303. See what is available by perusing the attached file!
Enrollment Process for Sylmar High School
If you live in the Sylmar area, you are in the new North Valley Zone of Choice. To enroll in our school, you will and need to fill out a Zone of Choice application. Feel free to stop by Sylmar High's Welcome Center so that we can help you with the application process, or click on this section so that you learn more about the process.
Here Is What You Need to Enroll at Sylmar High School!
In order to enroll at Sylmar High School, you will need to submit a Zone of Choice Application. Once you are accepted, you will need to bring the following documents to the Welcome Center. Welcome to the Home of the Mighty Spartans, where we are a Community of Learners!
Seniors - Our 2014-2015 Senior Attendance Policy Is Now Available!
All Class of 2015 seniors, as a condition for participating in the Graduation Ceremony, must have a record of good school attendance during their senior year. Good school attendance will be determined by the guidelines established in our Senior Attendance Incentive Program and will affect participation in the ceremony and senior activities. The Senior Attendance Incentive Program begins on the first day of school, August 12, 2014, or the first day the student enrolled into our school. All absences, both excused and unexcused, from that day forward until the end of the school year will be counted for the Senior Attendance Incentive Plan. Please click on the link for the details!
Introducing the 2014-2015 Student Body Officers!
It is with great pride that we announce the Student Body Officers for the 2014-2015 school year. Click on the file for the results!
Digital Library Link is easy to find!
These databases can help you to do your research or just explore for fun!
Library Catalog
This link will lead you to the School Library's Card Catalog.
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