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Work Permits

Important Update (8/31/2020)


Work Permits

Summary of Work Regulations attached below is for your information about how much you can work and when based on your age.


To get a work permit the Student:

May not work during school hours.

Must have a 2.0 GPA to get and maintain a work permit. (5, 10, 15, 20 week report cards.

Download the Intent to Employ form or come to main office to get a copy. Attached below.

Student fills out the top part of the Intent to employ form and signs it. Do not forget your SSN.

Have Parent Sign and Date the form.

Have Employer complete the bottom-middle part and Signs and Dates the form.

Student emails the Intent to employ form to Mr. Martin at  Working from home. Scan or Picture OK.

Student keeps the Intent to employ form and turns it in to administrator when they sign the 3 Work Permits.

Once the work permit is ready, Student goes to school to sign the three copies.  Goes to main office and ask who can help me sign my work permits.


Mr. Martin will:

Type the work permit and send the work permit to the Administrators.

Email the student when the work permit is ready to be picked up.


Administrator will:

Print 3 copies of the Work Permit.

Sign the bottom of the 3 Work Permits.

Have the student sign 3 copies of the Work Permits. Two go to the student, One for employer, One for student to keep.

Collects the Intent to Employ form with Original signatures on it from the student.

Staples Intent to Employ to back of the Work Permit.

Keeps Work Permits / Intent to Employ for 5 years


Work permits are valid for one year.  They expire the first week of the new school year.


Work permits maybe revoked if the student falls below a 2.0 GPA or stops showing up to classes.