School Site Council Information

The SSC serves as the school's representative body for determining the focus of the school’s academic instructional program and all categorical funding.


The SSC’s primary responsibilities are:

  • Developing and approving the school’s annual Single Plan for Student Achievement with input from school site advisory, standing, and special committees.
  •  Analyzing and evaluating the academic achievement of all students in the school.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of EVHS’s progress toward meeting student achievement goals.
  • Developing, executing, and evaluating the results of annual student and parent surveys.
  • Participating in all local, state, and federal reviews of the school’s program for compliance and quality.
SSC Meeting Dates:



09/8/22 Parent Orientation & Elections

10:00 am 

09/15/22 Meeting 1

3:30 pm

10/25/22 Meeting 2

4:00 pm

11/29/22 Meeting 3

4:00 pm

01/31/23 Meeting 4

4:00 pm

02/21/23 Meeting 5

4:00 pm

03/21/23 Meeting 6 

4:00 pm

04/18/23 Meeting 7

4:00 pm

05/23/23 Meeting 8

4:00 pm

SSC 2022 - 2023
(16 members)    (1) and (2) year staff members.

Principal: Rodney Wright
Teachers: Ada Cosio (1), Brian Smith (1), Danielle O'conner (2), Marc Mc Phee (1), Michael Proctor (2)
Other Staff: Cynthia Pineda (1), Debbie Steinert (2)
Students: Anthony Torres, Alfredo Zambrano, Beatriz Medina, John Pangan
Parents: Alma Guevara, Cindy Guiterrez, Fabiola Avalos, Roxana Lara

Chairman:  Michael Proctor       Vice Chairman: John Pangan
Secretary:  Anthony Torres        Parliamentarian: Beatriz Medina
More data can be found on LAUSD SCHS School Page address below
Data on the school page includes:
School Spending Report
School Budget Summary Report
School Budget Development Report
Targeted Student Population TSP Plan
School Experience Survey Reports, Student, Parents, Employees