Dear Students, Faculty, Parents, and Community Members,


Welcome to the 2021/2022 school year! I am proud and honored to be serving as the Principal at Sylmar Charter High School and to continue the rich tradition of Spartan excellence.  Despite the challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic, I am eager to assist students and families with the realization of their goals of college and career readiness.  Our faculty and staff has received a great deal of additional training to prepare us to successfully deliver high-quality instruction and design meaningful learning activities for each student in a remote setting.


Parent participation is one of the keys to academic success.  As students reach their high school years, parent engagement in their child’s education is a difference-maker in the web of support young adults need to reach their potential in the preparation for college and career.  Your active participation in your child’s education is increasingly important as students learn to use digital tools and resources to access their education from home.  All students will need a dedicated device and WiFi access to engage in distance learning.  We are able to provide devices and internet access to those students who need it.


Sylmar Charter High School maintains an active parent center and provides multiple opportunities for parent engagement.  As we begin the fall semester with distance learning, I encourage you to visit our web page often at www.sylmarhs.org for updates and important information.  Parents and guardians have the opportunity to serve as a volunteer, site counsel participant, and activate your LAUSD PASSport account to safely and securely monitor your child’s attendance, grades, and progress towards meeting A-G requirements or reclassification.  Sylmar Charter High School offers a variety of resources for both students and parents on site and with our community partners.


In lieu of live, “in person” meetings, we will begin the year with virtual meetings via Zoom Video conferencing. I look forward to meeting each one of you and welcome your input on how we can together propel Sylmar Charter High School to even greater heights.  Please look out for my weekly phone messages and emails regarding important school information and upcoming events.  We are very appreciative of our community’s engagement as we show our Spartan Pride in support of our academic, athletic, and extra-curricular programs.  Thank you for choosing Sylmar Charter High School as your pathway to higher education and career success!



Rodney Wright

Rodney WrightPrincipal