History of Sylmar / Alma Mater / Fight Song

Sylmar High School was established 9/11/1961
Sylmar High School Magnet opened September 13, 1994.  The magnet has 458 students annually.
Sylmar High School is one of 64 comprehensive high schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). Administratively, LAUSD is comprised of several local districts, each supervised by a local district superintendent. We are part of the Local District-Northeast cluster of schools.  Our vertically articulated “family” of schools includes: 
El Dorado ES, Harding ES, Herrick ES, Dyer Street ES, Sylmar ES, Hubbard ES, Gridley ES, Sylmar Leadership Academy, Olive Vista MS, and Evergreen Continuation High School.
Sylmar High School is in Sylmar, a growing community within the city of Los Angeles in the northeastern section of the San Fernando Valley. Like Los Angeles, Sylmar is a diverse community. According to the most recent census data, Latinos make up approximately 70% of the population, while whites account for about 21% percent. African Americans and Asians account for 4.1% and 3.4% respectively. We are one of the few secondary schools in the San Fernando Valley that is not experiencing declining enrollment. Sylmar is a bedroom community with some small family-owned businesses and a few major chain retail and fast food establishments. We also have a county hospital, which is in a constant struggle to remain open. We are fortunate to have Mission College, a mid-sized community college that provides post-secondary opportunities to our students.
Sylmar Earthquake 2/9/71 @ 6:01 a.m. Magnitude 6.5
Northridge Earthquake 1/17/94 @ 4:31 a.m. Magnitude 6.7
Here are the words to the Alma Mater and Fight Song.
Sylmar High Alma Mater
Our loyalty to thee will be
Strong throughout eternity
United in our glory now
We make this pledge to thee
Sylmar High so glorious
Will always be victorious
The blue and white of Sylmar High
Will reign forever more

Sylmar High Fight Song  Blue & White
We are for the blue and the white
Come on Spartans show them the fight
When you march that ball down the field
Hit 'em high, hit 'em low
Yeah team lets go
We're for the blue and white