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The Local School Leadership Council (LSLC) is a shared decision-making body, composed of elected parents, community members, school personnel, and students.  The LSLC works cooperatively to make decisions in four areas of the school program:
  • Staff Development Program
  • Locally Developed Student Discipline guidelines and Code of Student Conduct
  • Schedules of School Activities/Events- Special Schedules
  • Guidelines for Use of School Equipment/Copiers
  • Local Budgetary Matters such as Instructional Materials 
Rodney Wright, Principal
Ana Campos, Certificated Staff
Arleen Gonzalez, Certificated Staff
Darryl Collins, Certificated Staff
David Valenzuela, Certificated Staff
Deborah Steinert, Certificated Staff alternate
Derek Martin, Certificated Staff alternate
Dr. Tanya Benson, Certificated Staff
Michael Proctor, Certificated Staff
Michelle Peraza, Certificated Staff
Lourdes Herrera, Classified Staff
Angie Castro, Community Member
Sandra Hernandez, Parent
Zulema Hernandez, Parent
Maribel Contreras, Parent
Maria Vinzon, Parent
Patricia Ortiz- Student
Meeting times and days:
Meeting 4: 1/19/21 3PM
Meeting 5: 2/23/21 3PM
Meeting 6: 3/23/21 3PM
Meeting 7: 4/20/21 3PM
Meeting 8: 5/18/21 3PM
*At this point in time all meetings are virtual. Use the link below to join the meeting.
Meeting ID: 815 2923 2845
Passcode: SCHS