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2019 Meeting Minutes

  • Local School Leadership Council Meeting Agenda
Tuesday, October 23, 2018 3:00PM
Parent Center
In Attendance: Debbie Steinert, Derek Martin, Rodney Wright, Arleni Lopez, Albert Rodriguez, Maria Vinzon, Erica Grall, Nicole Leal, Ana Campos, Michelle Peraza, and Scott Craig
Flag Salute
Determine Roles:
Time Keeper: Debbie Steinert
Chairperson: Arleni Lopez
Secretary: Albert Rodriguez
Facilitator: Rodney Wright
Everyone for the determined roles were approved by anon unanimous vote.
  • Equipment:
  • Understanding LSLC role in equipment and budgets
  • Teacher technological needs
b. no lottery funds
c. general donations to school 
d. We don't control state textbook funds anymore
e. We are not a year round school
f.  Magnet
g. not applicable
PD: Direction of future development
Mr. Wright shares that out of the 14 PD dates, 7 are decided by School Site Council and 7 are decided by the district.
  • Ms. William's Report
1. Refer to Suspension Data by Suspension Reason for, June 2017-2018

2. Refer to Suspension Data by Suspension Reason for, October 2018-2019
3. Areas of concern. Ms. Williams stated that vaping is an area of concern.
Comments: Ms. Lopez asked if the discipline committee could deal with the issues such as the 10 minute rule to leave class, cell phone use, and campus aids. Ms. Williams said that the discipline committee did not deal with this issues. A subcommittee for school policy on discipline was then suggested.
Adjournment: 3:36PM
Next Meeting: January 29, 2019, 3PM