About Our School

About Sylmar Charter High School


Welcome to Sylmar Charter High School and thank you for visiting our page! We opened on September 11, 1961, and we have a rich tradition of excellence. If you are a student, consider joining Spartan Nation, where our dedicated teachers will challenge you to be the best you can be. Our vision for you extends well beyond the four years of high school. In fact, we are just as concerned about the grades you earn today as the decisions you will make tomorrow.

Sylmar Charter High School provides you with the opportunity to reach your maximum potential in a clean, safe, respectful, and nurturing environment. Our fundamental goals at Sylmar Charter High School are three-fold:

1) to ensure students develop mastery in all core content areas as they prepare for college,

2) to ensure students participate in elective courses for the purposes of becoming career ready, and

3) to guide students to become self-aware and recognize the importance of their role in the community and the world at large. 


Students learn best in a safe and nurturing environment that is rigorous and fosters their interests. To accomplish this, we offer four distinct Small Learning Communities with unique college and career pathways:

• The Academy of College and Career Readiness (ACCR) serves as a bridge from the middle school to the high school in an effort to create successful high school, college, and career experiences. It attempts to ensure that students have the skills, desire, and confidence to succeed.

• The Leadership, Arts and Media Academy (LAMA) seeks to create the next generation of innovators, artists, and leaders. LAMA is founded upon these basic commitments: the pursuit of excellence, the arts, thinking globally, and becoming leaders.

• The School of Business, Technology and Design (BTD) prepares students for careers that require 21st century skills. Teacher collaboration focuses on the use of technology across the curriculum, and students develop skills in mathematics, problem solving, analytical reading, and writing.


• Our Math-Science Magnet School, in existence since 1994, reaches full capacity enrollment annually and has been recognized by the District as an “Achieving Magnet School.” It is committed to providing a rigorous academic program that successfully prepares our students for selective universities. This is done in a close-knit, family environment that provides support for academic success and social responsibility.
Our brand new School for Advanced Studies provides students with the opportunity to access a rigorous curriculum geared towards gifted and high achieving students. Students are placed in Honors and Advanced Placement courses which are key to being academically competitive when applying to colleges. Students work closely with staff members who will monitor their progress and will have access to the wealth of college opportunities available on campus.

In terms of electives, we offer a wide variety of award-winning arts and technical programs, including Marching Band, Jazz Band, Guitar, Theater, Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Design, Culinary Arts, Agriculture, Landscaping, Computer Science, and Automotive Technology programs!

We offer a full complement of athletic programs. Our scholar-athletes pursue victory with honor at all times. We recognize that our athletic program is an integral part of our school community, and that it complements the academic mission which is central to the life of our school. We are committed to pursuing victory with honor.

We encourage you to visit our campus. Come see first-hand the vibrancy of a school culture that is built upon our dynamic tradition and a desire to offer a personalized education to each Spartan Scholar!