Vision / Mission / Beliefs / Guiding Questions / Student Learning Outcomes

Vision Statement
Sylmar Charter High School is committed to graduating students who are academically, socially, and emotionally ready for the next steps in their lives.
Mission Statement
Sylmar Charter High School will:
  • Develop students who are critical thinkers and who possess the necessary skills to be effective communicators.
  • Provide a variety of learning communities best suited to each student’s need.
  • Provide the academic, emotional, social, and multicultural environment needed to give students a positive sense of themselves.
  • Prepare students to lead productive adult lives.
  • Involve all stakeholders in the decision-making process.
Belief Statements
At Sylmar Charter High School, we believe that:
  • All students have a right to receive a quality educational program.
  • A quality education can only occur when there is support, commitment, and cooperative interaction among all stakeholders
  • School must be a safe and pleasant place where values of trust, fairness, and mutual respect are part of the internal fabric.
Sylmar Charter High School's Guiding Questions
  • What is it we want all students to learn?
  • How will we know when each student has mastered the essential learning?
  • How will we respond when a student experiences initial difficulty in learning?
  • How will we deepen the learning for students who have already mastered essential knowledge and skills?
Student Learning Outcomes
  • Articulate ideas clearly with academic integrity using a variety of mediums.
  • Listen actively, work collaboratively, and welcome diverse opinions.
  • Present professionally and write coherently.


  • Develop plans to achieve self-initiated personal, academic, and career goals.
  • Independently and collaboratively identify, analyze and integrate resources and information from multiple and varied sources.
  • Apply creative and complex problem-solving skills to develop solutions to academic and real world challenges.


  • Develop self-discipline, adaptability, and resiliency in all circumstances.
  • Demonstrate empathy and awareness in interpersonal relationships and diverse settings.
  • Contribute time, energy, and talent to uplift and improve the community in a productive and responsible manner.
  • Respect the rights, responsibilities and opportunities of living in an interconnected digital world, and comport themselves in ways that are safe, conscientious, and ethical.


  • Appreciate, observe, and take interest in the arts.
  • Recognize and implement healthy practices of physical, social/emotional, and mental wellness.
  • Make informed, ethical decisions that benefit self and community.