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Technology Plan

Sylmar High School continually strives to provide every student with the best possible education, preparing all students to function effectively in the society in which they live. Therefore, we believe all students in Sylmar High School must develop competencies in using and applying a broad range of technologies to support lifelong learning.
Sylmar High School's vision is to aid its students in becoming skilled, knowledgeable, independent, and self-directed learners who are comfortable with and proficient in using technology in all its forms as information resources. Through the use of technology, with its varied aspects and applications, each student at Sylmar High School will be afforded opportunities and challenges that will allow them to successfully engage the future.
  • To integrate technology into all aspects of instruction in the curriculum
  • To develop staff competency in technology
  • To enhance student achievement
  • To promote effective and efficient use of technology by students, parents and staff