Sylmar Sports 2019        Proud to be Spartans Athletes
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Get LAUSD Physical and Emergency Card filled out before practicing.
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Football Practice starts
One State Title this year

Four City Titles in two Years.

Eight Sylmar teams in Finals in last two years.


B/Volleyball Division I City Champs

G/Volleyball City Finalist

Softball Division II City Champs
B/Basketball Division II City Champs
B/Soccer Division II City Champs, State Champs
B/Basketball City Champs = Back to Back Titles
G/Volleyball City Finalist
G/ Basketball Semi Finalist
B/Volleyball Semi-Finalist
B/Swim Varsity League Champs
G/Swim JV League Champs
Overall totals
Fall Sports
Cross Country
Golf (Girls)
Football L-17, C-2
Tennis (Girls) L-6, C-2
Volleyball (Girls) L-18, C-4, F-4
Winter Sports
Basketball (Boys) L-10, C-3
Basketball (Girls) L-7, F-2
Soccer (Boys) L-3, C-1, S-1
Soccer (Girls) L-6, F-2
Wrestling C-5, F-1
Spring Sports
Baseball L-20, C-2
Golf (Boys) L-6
Softball L-6, C-2
Swim L-2, C-2
Tennis (Boys) L-1
Track (Girls) L-2
Track (Boys)
Volleyball (Boys) L-9, F-3
L = have been League Champs – n times
C = have been City Champs – n times
S = have been State Champs – n times
F = Finalist in City Championship – n times

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