About the Sylmar High Magnet

Sylmar High School
Math, Science, & Technology Magnet
(818) 833-3776
13050 Borden Avenue
Sylmar, CA 91342
We are very proud of our Class of 2017 Graduates who will be attending some very prestigious universities throughout our country!  Among them is Imanol Tabaras who was asked to speak to the LAUSD Board of Education on May 30, 2017. Please view his video here.
Welcome to the the Sylmar High Math Science Technology Magnet and thank you for visiting our page! The Sylmar High Math Science Technology Magnet opened September 13, 1994. We have 458 students who travel to Sylmar from various parts of the city.  A nurturing atmosphere, dedicated staff, small classes, and a friendly student body contribute to our students' success. 80% of our graduates attend four year universities immediately after high school. 17% attend two year colleges. Please visit the University Acceptance link to the right to see a list of universities that have accepted our students.

The Sylmar High School Magnet is committed to providing a rigorous academic program that successfully prepares our students for selective universities. This is done in a close-knit, family environment that provides support for academic success and social responsibility.  Our faculty is committed to instructional excellence without losing sight of our students' individual needs. Instructors work closely with each other to reinforce concepts learned in all disciplines.  We develop well rounded students who excel in academics and leadership qualities. To prepare for work at the university level, students complete research projects and reports in all academic subjects. Students are required to take both Math and Science classes each year.  A detailed description of the Magnet School can be viewed by clicking on this document: Sylmar High Magnet Annual Evaluation 16-17

We are very proud of our 2016 SBAC scores!  This table contains the scores for English and math, as well as a combined total that was used to rank the schools on the list.  The test is taken by all 11th grade students in the state.  This list is a comparison to the most popular schools in our neighborhood and surrounding communities, as well as the LAUSD Magnet average LAUSD High School Average and State average for high school.


Granada Hills Charter 80% 59% 139
Sylmar MST Magnet 80% 57% 137
Kennedy Arch. Magnet 91% 39% 130
Community Charter     77% 53%
Average for High School Magnets 74% 43% 117
Triumph Charter 74% 37% 111
Vaughn Charter 72% 35% 107
State Average for High Schools 59% 33% 92
Chavez ASE 67% 23% 90
Chavez Social Justice 61% 25% 87
Lakeview Charter 54% 26% 80
LAUSD Average for High Schools 54% 25% 79
Discovery Charter 41% 29% 70
Sylmar Biotech Health Acad 47% 10% 57
Although academics are our primary concern, we feel it is important for our students to develop a sense of social responsibility and to learn to make ethical decisions. To facilitate the development of these traits, our staff uses a thematic approach in the delivery of our curriculum. In each grade level, our students investigate the impact of technological advancement on society and the environment. Students are challenged to use critical thinking skills and effective problem solving skills to evaluate technological and scientific advancements. The students then apply their knowledge in simulated “real world” experiences such as conducting science experiments, writing political policy papers, mock trials and community service projects.
In addition to a challenging curriculum, all magnet students are encouraged to participate in extra curricular activities. Our school works hard to develop well rounded students who not only excel in academics but in leadership qualities as well. A wide variety of clubs and activities are available to our students. The Magnet School also sponsors activities that encourage community involvement and civic responsibility.

If you are interested in learning more about the Magnet School, you can call Debbie Steinert at (818) 833-3776 or drop by the Magnet Office for more information and a tour. We are located in room 46.  You can also download our brochure and information packet. You must apply to the magnet school through the online application at echoices.lausd.net. Click on our links section to go to that link.  The deadline for returning the application is open from October 4 to November 10 for the 2017-2018 school year.  Parents will be notified about magnet selection in April.  The website for Los Angeles Unified School District's Magnet Application can  be found by clicking on "Links" to the right.  More information can be found on the Magnet Application Page to your right. 
We are interested in students who:
Are self motivated
Are intellectually curious
Want to improve leadership skills
Have outstanding attendance
Are college bound
Are motivated to succeed
Participate in extra curricular activities
Have good study skills

Planning Ahead
Sept. 2, 2016        Admissions Day School Holiday
Sept. 5, 2016        Labor Day School Holiday
Oct. 12, 2016        Yom Kippur School Holiday
Nov. 11, 2016        Veterans Day School Holiday
Nov. 21-25, 2016  Thanksgiving School Holiday
Dec. 19-Jan 6        Winter Break
Jan 9, 2017            First day of the Spring Semester
Jan. 16, 2017        Martin Luther King Day School Holiday
Feb. 20, 2017       President’s Day School Holiday
Mar. 31, 2017        Cesar Chavez Day School Holiday
Apr. 10-14, 2017   Spring Break
May 29, 2017        Memorial Day School Holiday
June 9, 2017         Last day of school
Click here to see the 2017 Fall Magnet Schedule with electives for next year. Keep in mind this schedule is subject to change. Please double check to see that it is possible to schedule the courses you have selected. If not, you will need to make adjustments in your course selections. Consider your Spring course selections as well IF you expect to change your schedule due to athletics.  The teachers may not be teaching the same courses during the same periods as this year. DO NOT make your selections based upon a teacher - you may be disappointed if you find they are not teaching the periods you anticipated.