Senior Spotlight Personal Page for the Yearbook

Please check your school email for a personal message from one of our Yearbook Staff members. This student will work with you to collect your photos & information, and help you create the personal page you will be happy with!
Please respond to their email as soon as you can, and NO LATER THAN Friday, April 30th!
(If you do not receive your personalized email by Monday, April 26, please contact me ASAP!)
In this email you will be asked for:
  • Your Selfie Portrait (if you have NOT already provided one).
  • 1-2 additional photos of your choice (with friends, etc.).
  • Your Senior Quote AND/OR a Dedication/Thank-You to someone special.
  • Your favorite color(s) (for the background of your page).
  • Clubs, Athletics, OR other special activities you participated in at Sylmar.
  • Your college/future plans OR Most memorable part of being at Sylmar!
Please feel free to contact me, the YRBK Advisor, Ms. Potrovitza, at
Thank you, and see you soon!