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Welcome to the English Department

Sylmar High School’s Code of Conduct

We expect the best from our students, and all Spartans must abide by the following rules at all times:

Be Respectful

  • Use appropriate language; no profanity.

  • Respect your teachers.  Remember that they are here to support you.

  • Say, “Please,” Thank you,” and “Excuse me.”

Be Safe

  • Follow all directions.

  • Use classroom materials with care and caution.

  • No aggressive behavior toward others.

  • Think before you act.

Be Responsible

  • Complete all work assigned.

  • Actively participate; listen, think and question.

  • Be prepared with homework, books, materials, etc.

  • Be on time.

Show Spartan Pride

  • Do your best and lead by example.

  • Acknowledge others’ efforts.

  • Offer help whenever you can.