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Lifetime Health

Health Education Department: Miss Vance, Mr. Proctor, and Mr. Cohen

This course is a one semester comprehensive class designed to develop health literacy and health practices in all students. Throughout the semester the following essential learnings will be stressed: 

  1. Acceptance of personal responsibility for personal lifelong health, acceptance of the idea that the individual has some control over health and incorporation of health related knowledge is used in everyday behavior and decision making. EL2, EL3, EL5,EL6
  2. Respect for and promotion of the health of others, including the understanding and acceptance of the influence of the behavior on the health and well-being of others, of people on the environment, and of the environment on the health of groups and individuals. EL1
  3. An understanding of the process of growth and development, including the importance of both universal and individual aspects of physical, mental, emotional, and social growth and development.  EL1, 
  4. Informed use of current health-related information, products and services, including the ability to select and use health-related infoll11ation, products, and services carefully and wisely. EL2

Nine Major Content Areas of the Health Curriculum: 

Introduction/Personal Health - EL1, EL2

Consumer and Community Health 

Nutrition, Diet and Fitness -EL3

Injury Prevention/Safety/First Aid 

Alcohol/Tobacco/ Drugs – EL4

Emotional/Mental Health 

Chronic and Communicable Disease, including STD's* and HIV/AIDS – EL6

Family Health/Growth and Development (sex education)* (*Parent permission required) EL5 

Environmental Health 

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