ACCR 9th Grade


Academy of College and Career Readiness


We welcome you to Sylmar Charter High School’s new Academy of College and Career Readiness.  One of the focuses of the  academy  is to assist  9th grade students in transitioning  from middle to high school successfully.  The Academy will highlight various aspects that will allow students to become familiar with A-G requirements to be College and Career Ready by the end of 12th grade. As an academy, all teachers will be incorporating the same rules and expectations within their classroom. We have high expectations of our students, therefore we will begin to refer to them  as Scholars.


Vision Statement:

The vision of the 9th grade Academy of College and Career Readiness is to prepare all scholars to be college and career ready by the end of 12th grade.  All scholars will explore a personalized career pathway, which allows them to focus on courses related to their choice of a multitude of rewarding careers.


Our 9th grade Academy Staff:  

Here at Sylmar Charter High School, we have the opportunity of having our own 9th grade staff to serve you and your child.  The staff members are: Ms. Jackson (Assistant Principal), Mr. Martin (9th grade counselor), Ms. Smith (Math Teacher), Mr. Hoye (English/ Drama Teacher), Mr. Garcia (P.E. Teacher), Ms. Snee (P.E. Teacher), Mr. Domoto (Science Teacher), Ms. Hernandez (ELD Teacher), Ms. Ramos (Spanish Teacher), Mr. Bhatt (Math Teacher), Ms. Lopez (Science teacher), Ms. Vance (Health Teacher), and  Mr. Silletti (Elective Teacher), Ms. Kim (College Advisor),

Teachers can be contacted through email on the school's website .


Classroom Rules:

We have 7 basic rules that all scholars must follow: 1.  Be on time 2.  Bring school materials  4.  No food, drinks, or gum in class only water, 5. No use of electronics in the classroom unless requested by the teacher, 6.  No hats in the classroom and 7.  Teacher dismisses the class NOT the bell.  

Classroom Expectations:

We have 4 standard expectations that all scholars must follow:  1.  Be A Scholar  2.  Be Respectful, 3.  Be Responsible and 4.  Scholars will have homework daily/weekly.


Tardy Policy:

For every class scholars  will receive a “U” in Work Habits after accumulating 4 tardies per grading period. Your scholar is expected to be at school no later than 7:50 a.m.  It is crucial that your scholars come to school with enough time to be in his/her seat and ready to learn by the time the bell rings.  This policy applies for all class  periods.  Your scholar's education is our number one priority.  We need them in class on time and ready to learn.


Student Planners:

All of our 9th grade scholars will receive a planner on the first week of school.  Scholars  will need to bring it to school with them everyday. They will be expected to write down their homework, assignments, projects, important events and any pertinent information.  Scholars  will receive a weekly grade for keeping their planners current.  The planners will also be used as a means of communication between parents and staff members, therefore we encourage you to check it as often as possible.


A-G Requirements for the 9th Grader:

The quest starts early to enlighten our scholars with A-G graduation requirements. We will start early making our scholars  aware of their requirements in order to move on to the 10th grade. One goal of the academy is ensure that all scholars have 50 credits to promote to the 10th grade. Scholars will be meeting with their counselor, Mr. Martin, to discuss the required courses  needed as well as the resources available to students if they are struggling.  Your scholar will also have a portfolio in each class in which they will accumulate artifacts that prove they have earn a passing grade for that grading period.  Parents will be able to see these portfolios during our student led conferences during Parent Conferences.  Our goal is that your scholar successfully moves on to the next grade level.


Resources Available to Students and Parents:

All parents and scholars are encouraged to look on the schools websites for information on clubs and sports information.  We also have an afterschool program through Educare that provides tutoring for our students and other programs and resources.  Please visit the school’s website for more information at .  


We are extremely excited that you are a part of the Academy of College and Career Readiness!  If you have any questions please feel free to contact Mr. Martin, 9th grade counselor at (818) 833-3722 or by email at,  or Ms. Jackson, Assistant Principal at (818) 833-3700.   We look forward to working with you.