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Law/Government Academy
Language Arts
Fall 2010, Spring 2011

This year we will work, learn, and think about English Language and Literature, plus ways to use the language in a Law and Government setting. Students will be practicing policing, courtroom procedure, and politics for careers after high schhool annd college. Success in life depends on responsibility you take for yourself. Responsibility in my classroom consists of the following: bringing pen, paper to class every day, doing your best at alll times, and completing theiir course work in and out of the classroom.

Grading: 150 points per each five week grading period, totaling 600 points per semester. You will be graded on classroom attendance, effort, performance, and homework. In other words, ensure you come to class every day, work hard, and study at home.

Homework: You will be given ample time to complete reading, comprehension questions, and essays throughout the class pereiod. In the event that work is not completed, you will be allowed to finish the assignment within two days of your return to class. Parents will be quickly notifiied if homework is not being completed.

Absences: Going to school is like having a job, where you get rewarded for the work you complete. You earn pay at work and earn grades at school. Iif you don't go to school, you don't get the grade. Illnesses and emeregencies cann happen, so notify the school. To replace the class time, your child must make up the work. You will read a novel, magazine, or newspaper for 20 minutes, then complete a one-paragraph summary, which translates to one suummary per missed period.

Feel free to meet with me on Back-to-School Night or Student Led Conferences.

Let's have a great year.


11th Grade American Literature and Composititon
August: Essay Review, Vocabulary Builder
September: Native American Literature
October: Colonial American Literature, The Crucible
November: The Crucible, Courtroom Essay
December: Early American Literature, Individualism, Essay/Speech
January: Dark Individualism, Edgar Allen Poe
February: The Adventures of
March: Huckleberry Finn
April: 20th Century Literature
May: The Great Gatsby, Final Essay, Speech

12th Grade Expository Composition and World Literature
August: Essay Review, College Preparation
September: College Essay, Current Law
October: Current Law, Debate
November: Great Depression
December: The Holocaust, Essay/Courtroom Presentation
January: modern novel, Monster
February: Autobiography Always Running
March: Group Novel Project
April: Group Novel Project Presentation
May: Current Law Research, Trial, Final Courtroom Presentation