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Themes in Spanish 1A/B

Realidades 1 textbook

Tema: Para Empezar

En la escuela: Greetings; introductions; leave-takings; numbers; time; body parts;

En la clase: classroom, date, asking for help;

El tiempo: weather; seasons.

Tema 1: Mis amigos y yo

1A) Infinitives; making negatives statements;

1B) adjectives; definite and indefinite articles; word order.

Tema 2: La escuela

2A) subject pronouns; present tense –ar verbs

2B) verb estar; plurals of nouns and articles.

Tema 3: La comida

3A) Present tense –er/-ir verbs; me gusta(n)/encanta(n)

3B) Plural adjectives; the verb ser

Tema 4: Los pasatiempos

4A) the verb ir; interrogative words 

 4B) ir + a + infinitive; the verb jugar

Tema 5: Fiesta en familia

5A) the verb tener; possessive adjectives

5B) the verb venir, ser vs estar

Tema 6: La casa

6A) comparisons and superlatives; stem-changing verbs- poder and dormir 

6B) affirmative tú commands; present progressive tense

Tema 7: De compras

7A) stem-changing verbs(e=>ie): pensar, querer and preferir; demonstrative adjectives.

7B) preterite of –ar, -car and –gar verbs; direct object pronouns – lo,la,los,las.

Tema 8: Experiencias

8A) preterite of –er and –ir verbs; preterite of –ir; the personal a

8B) verb decir; indirect object pronouns; preterite of hacer and dar

Tema 9: Medios de comunicación

9A) Acabar de + infinitive; gustar and similar verbs

9B) verbs pedir and servir; saber and conocer