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Architecture Courses

Drafting - Architecture 1AB
Using mechanical drafting as the method, students learn how to operate the equipment through single and
multiple view drawings. The students learn the basics and importance of line quality, dimensioning, and
accuracy in drafting layouts. Next, the students expand their learning through Computer Assisted Drafting.
Using AutoCAD, the students begin by recreating every drawing they have previously drawn by hand. They
learn everything from the basic commands to 3-D modeling.
Drafting - Architecture 2AB
The second year architecture curriculum expands upon the technical and artistic knowledge learned in the
first year class. Concepts such as architectural detailing, general notes, foundations and roofing systems are
learned through drafting projects and assignments. Interior design is introduced through a project that
requires research of furniture and textiles, to develop a space plan, and to build their first model.
Drafting - Architecture 3AB
In this final installment of the architecture program, students take the knowledge they have gained and
create projects based in Auto CAD.