Staff Tools

AI Tools for Staff
ChatGPT; 3.5  is free, 4.0 is $20/month and can create images as well as text. Log on with your SSO (no to bypass the network filter. Students must use hotspot or VPN for similar access.
Scribbr - free AI detector. Students should be aware that teachers can use AI detection software to evaluate their work. 
GPTZero - Another free AI detector. You can paste text into the site and it will tell you whether AI was used to generate it. 
Blackbox AI is a  YouTube summarizer for transcribing + summarizing videos with CC. Useful for condensing info quickly or for generating assessments.
Blackboard Test Generator -. Quickly generate standardized assessments in ChatGPT, convert to Blackboard Quiz with proper syntax, import into Schoology for rapid and dynamic student assessment.
Lockdown Browser Guide - Short guide on creating quizzes on Google Forms with a lockdown browser. Students must have a school-issued Chromebook.
Virtual Learning Resources
Tech tools for interactive remote teaching webinar with Sam Kary of The New EdTech Classroom. In this webinar, Sam shows different strategies for how to make remote teaching more interactive and engaging for students.
This document contains the resources from on online course taught by Stanford University.
Also from Stanford, this contains SOOOOO Many links to tools to use in your classroom.
Another document containing many links to tools to use in your classroom.
This document contains links to dozens of tutorials on how to use many of the tools, apps and resources available for distance learning.
This is a video that teaches parents how to use Google Classroom.
A tip from another teacher abut using Screencastify
(premium is 30$. Look for coupons to reduce the price). I prerecord my lesson which I’ve made into google slide presentation into a video with my voice. It’s really easy.I plan on playing the video to my students on zoom so I can monitor the chat and their video images while they are listening to the presentation. You can press pause and inject anything whenever you need to. I’ve basically cloned myself lol! And I can post the video for those kids who missed the zoom!
This was written at a U.S. History course but it could be used by anyone. 
There are lessons and materials to create this thematic unit for nearly every class we teach. This could be a starting point for ideas for grade-level thematic units. 
This is a template for an interactive "cute" digital Syllabus. (I know some of you will break into hives at cute, so beware.) 
Links to many participation rubrics.
Bitmoji Tutorials
Virtual Field Trip Lists
Contains many STEM Virtual Field Trips as well as other types of museums. 
This includes several sites with lists of trips as well as some with lesson plans. 
This site contains a HUGE list of trips to a wide variety of places. There is something for every subject area. 
Science Resources