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Quotes from our graduates

"All the training, growing, and learning that is vital for the preparation for college, happens at the high school level, and I cannot recommend a better school than Sylmar. The difference between Sylmar Magnet and other high schools is that the staff and students in Sylmar grow together to become a close-knit family whose support and love are boundless no matter how far we are from home." AL - B.S. - Biology, UCLA
"Being part of the Sylmar Magnet was like having a second family. I wasn't just another number to my teachers or to my counselors. They were always encouraging and made me believe that I could achieve whatever goals I set. I feel that the education and self-confidence I attained at the Sylmar Magnet were two of the most significant factors that assisted me in getting into Brown University and the Program in Liberal Medical Education." GG - M.D. Brown University
"I can honestly say that I am confident that I am prepared for whatever I encounter at UCLA and beyond. I'm not afraid, I'm confident in the abilities I gained while at Sylmar. I cannot thank you and everyone there enough for what you all have given me."  MA - B.S. Geology UCLA, M.S. U. Of Montana
"What I liked most about the magnet was that everyone was really close. That sort of an environment made it a lot easier to learn. You had the same people for four years in a row and you got to be really good friends. Most of those friendships have lasted beyond graduation." PN - UCLA
"I think about the SHS Magnet quite a bit. I have decided that if you didn’t believe in me enough to step for me (on countless occasions) I might have turned out quite a bit differently than I did. Thank you SHS Magnet." CH - MBA/MSF, Harvard University
"I felt that the curriculum at the Sylmar High School Math Science Technology Magnet was excellent preparation for college work. It made the transition to academic life at the university very smooth."  MR - CSUN
"My experience at the Sylmar Magnet helped me build confidence and become responsible." JM - Woodburry University
"I would like to thank all the faculty and staff for the guidance and support. Thank you for being such a big influence in my life." RS - B.A. play writing, UCSB, M.A. U. of Texas
“I just wanted to take this opportunity to write to you and tell you that everything is going great here at Notre Dame. I’m doing really well in my classes. The Sylmar High Magnet really prepared me for college."  DG - Notre Dame
"A Sylmar Magnet education is what happens when students desire to learn and teachers desire to teach - a potent combination for academic excellence."   EG - Stanford University
"I just to say hello and let you know about my boys. They are doing very well.  One graduated from UCLA and the other from UCSB. Both are working on their master’s degrees. Without your help and The Magnet Program, they could not be what they are today. Thank you for all your help." A Parent