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Welcome to Geology/Biology
Mr. Proctor                                             email: [email protected]
       Room 131                                               School phone: 818-833-3700 ext. 1131
1. Basic Rules and Expectations
a. Be on time, in your seat and ready to work when the bell tones.
b. Be responsible. Bring all required materials everyday.
d. Participate Daily.
e. Only hall pass per week.
f.  Obey all school rules.
2. Required Materials.
a. Class textbook must be brought everyday. Failure to do this will result in a loss of participation points.
b. A 3-ring binder, Spiral binder or similar folder is required. Within this folder, you must have 2 clearly labeled sections. They are: Notes & Vocabulary. These items are important!
c. Also Blue pen, #2 pencils, erasers & a colored pen, marker or highlighter will be required.
d. Flash cards are also helpful.
3. Grading Scale
a. 30% of your grade is based on homework and class work.
b. 30% of your grade is based on projects, labs, papers and presentations.
c. 30% of your grade is based on tests and quizzes.
d. 10% of your grade is based on participation.
e. Grades are based on A=90%, B=80%, C=70%, D=60% & 50% and below =F
f. Extra credit will be made available from time to time and will be on each test.  Extra credit is available at our class website www.proctorblog.wordpress.com by writing a response to a posted article and turning it into me.
4. Assignments headings (including name, period, date, assignment name must be written in pen).
5. Work sheets can be done in pencil.
6. Absences: You must make-up work. You are responsible for requesting this work. Test will be given the day that you return.