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Geology Goals and Expectations

Geology Goals and Expectations
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of practical and essential Earth science concepts and the principles Earth science shares with other disciples
  • Understand basic principles of Earth system science and think from an Earth system science perspective.
  • Develop an understanding of scientific inquiry and abilities needed to conduct scientific inquiry.  
  • Understand the nature, origin, and distribution of Earth’s energy, mineral, and water resources; technologies used to locate, extract and process these resources; and dependence on these sources to satisfy our wants, needs, and expectations.
  • Understand how terrestrial and extraterrestrial processes affect Earth’s materials, environments, and organisms, how scientists study these processes on Earth and from space, and how some processes benefit humans while others pose risks.
  • Understand how human activities influence Earth’s spheres, processes, resources, and environments-factors that affect the size and distribution of human population and Earth’s capacity to support life.